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Research reports and insights

M&G Real Estate’s in-house research team produces regular updates on our key markets, alongside more in-depth pieces on major trends affecting global property today.

The case for investing in…

Our investment decisions are driven by disciplined, research-driven, top-down and bottom-up analysis. Our global research team evaluates each market to identify those sectors and geographies which offer the best value and long-term return prospects. Below is their analysis on the case for investing in different markets.

UK PRSUK value-addContinental Europe

Magnify: Green Buildings


What are the financial benefits for investors?

  • Investor shift towards energy efficiency and emissions regulation accelerating
  • Green buildings can exhibit lower systematic risk through more income
  • Certified buildings can generate higher distributable income, despite higher operating costs
  • Margin discounts offered by active green lenders accretive to overall fund performance

Finding the value in Urban Connectivity


The second edition of M&G Real Estate’s Urban Connectivity report ranks the physical and digital urban transport infrastructure of 64 European cities.

Over the long term, good connectivity benefits property fundamentals by driving occupier demand, boosting rental growth potential, which in turn justifies a lower yield. Find out which cities offer the highest potential risk-adjusted returns, from a connectivity perspective, for the most attractive value.



Perspectives: the impact of rising rates on UK commercial property


This paper assesses the potential impact of rising rates on the UK property market. It shows that:

  • Gradual transition towards a comparatively lower “new normal” for interest rates
  • Relationship between property yields, interest rates and bond yields is nuanced and complex
  • Capital values supported by market-specific factors during periods of rising bond yields
  • Stock selection and effective asset management to drive rental growth and healthy returns

Magnify Asia Retail


This report is a deep dive into APAC retail and the macro fundamentals specific to the region driving the sector.

It discusses:

  • Key trends influencing change in the retail sector and how e-commerce is set to slow in APAC from its double digit growth trajectory
  • Physical retail is underpinned by consumers' social, experiential, convenience and dining out needs
  • Active asset management to boost value of assets is crucial in the new retail age

Magnify: UK Retail real estate

Magnify-UK-July-2018A closer look at the drivers of change in UK retail and how the sector is adapting to evolving consumer needs.

  • The proliferation of e-commerce, shifting consumer preferences and retailer cost pressures are drivers of change in retail
  • Retailers are innovating to compete, complement and/or diversify from online retail by offering experience or convenience to consumers
  • A proactive investment and asset management strategy is required to remain resilient to the rapidly changing sector

Magnify: European Retail real estate

Magnify European Retail Real Estate

This deep dive into European retail explores the structural and macro factors influencing change and how retailers and landlords are maintaining competitiveness.

  • Eurozone growth supportive of consumer sentiment pick-up and sustainable household spend
  • Europe now the second most popular destination for outbound Chinese tourists
  • Retail schemes anchored by luxury, food and big-ticket items best placed to resist e-commerce competition
  • Landlords can drive footfall with experience-led retailing
  • Prime high streets in cities with strong tourist demographics should benefit from 'right-sizing

Grand Paris Project: opportunities beyond CBD

Grand Paris project

By 2030, the €26 billion Grand Paris project is expected to generate $29 billion of net new money and add 200km to the transport network.

  • Paris office submarkets stand to benefit more from the structural changes compared to the CBD
  • Saint Denis and Saint Ouen to offer superior returns for a modest risk premium relative to the CBD
  • Malakoff and Gennevillers are to benefit relatively less, offering modest projected returns for a high risk premium relative to the CBD

Read the Magnify: Grand Paris Project

Latest real estate market outlooks


European Real Estate Market Outlook

EU RE Market Outlook front cover pic

Economic growth in Europe has softened, but macro tailwinds are still strong. The majority of European markets are now firmly in expansion mode.

  • Record low vacancies and rising flexible office demand driving office rents
  • Consumer demand driven by Chinese tourists, supportive of dominant high street retail
  • Spanish and Nordic logistics expected to deliver above-average property returns in the short term

UK Real Estate Market Outlook


Despite Brexit uncertainty investors remain attracted to the UK real estate market due to its strong underlying fundamentals.

  • Brexit transition period agreement provides some certainty for businesses
  • The requirement for flexibility driving the shape of office demand
  • Prime retail to remain most resilient against structural change
  • Continued shift to alternatives as investors look for diversification

Asia Pacific Real Estate Market Outlook


Attractive prospects for APAC real estate are being supported by improving structural and early economic upcycle drivers.

  • Most positive on logistics for higher total returns, but pockets of weakness for rental growth could arise in the near term
  • While demand for office space remains robust, rental growth across most APAC markets is in late-cycle and expected to peak by 2019
  • Supportive macro fundamentals expected to continue to bolster prime retail markets in APAC

The accelerating economic recovery in Europe continues and has attracted investment in the region. So, where is the value?

  • Broadening economic strength supporting liquidity in real estate markets and rental growth
  • Select value opportunities in markets undergoing major structural changes, such as the Grand Paris Project
  • Rental growth to be primary driver of returns
IM1803_Real Estate_Video-insights


European Real Estate Market Outlook

EU RE Market Outlook front cover pic

The economic upturn is broadening across Europe, while the recovery in economic sentiment continues to filter through to occupier markets.

  • The Eurozone outlook for 2018 is one of rude health, with consensus estimates expecting 2.2% growth for the year
  • The office sector saw 4% rental growth on average across 23 cities in 2017
  • Edge of CBD submarkets offer attractive value for occupiers
  • Over 4% rental growth in Nordic industrials markets over next three years

Read the Magnify: European Real Estate Market Outlook

UK Real Estate Market Outlook


The UK economy has continued to defy gloomy market expectations, providing a supportive macro back drop for the real estate market.

  • Progress made on first phase of Brexit negotiations, opening up future UK-EU trade talks
  • Central London opportunity in 18-24 months as gradual recovery takes place
  • Big ticket deals a key driver of investment, but UK real estate offers a wealth of advantages

The opportunity in European logistics 


Nordic, CEE and Southern European logistics markets offer better potential for attractive returns, according to M&G Real Estate research.

Here at M&G Real Estate, we forecast rental growth for logistics markets across Europe using our analysis of the physical and digital drivers increasing demand for logistics space. This includes infrastructure development across Europe and we reweight the European Commission’s Digital Economy and Society Index (DESI) to just those factors most relevant to logistics. We analyse the most attractive markets in terms of value and long term rental growth prospects.

A focus on European offices


Looking further afield for opportunities reveals edge of Central Business Districts as offering attractive fundamentals and value.

The recovery in Europe continues to boost employment and the office market. Tight supply has driven rental growth, supporting capital values. Attractive pricing for investors can be found at edge of Central Business District markets, whilst offering affordability for occupiers.

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