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2019 MAY

Fund updates

M&G Investments


High yield bonds – the power of income

High yield bonds’ powerful income-generating qualities have helped drive strong investment returns over the long term. With evidence that we have entered a structurally lower-default world, we think the asset class remains an attractive source of income and well-placed to generate further robust returns over the coming years. We believe M&G, with long-running expertise in high yield investing and relying on an in-house team of credit analysts, is well-positioned to capture the compelling opportunities that can be found across high yield bonds.

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Kirsty Clark


Fiscal easing: could the Eurozone surprise to the upside in 2019?

In this month’s video, Investment Specialist, Kirsty Clark looks at the prospects for the euro area in 2019, as the region embarks on its most accommodative fiscal policy of the last decade.

For a quick snapshot of the equity market over the past month and our latest theme, please download our Equities market perspective noteEquities market perspective note.

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Fund updates


Luxembourg fund migration programme

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Fund updates

M&G Investments


M&G (Lux) Global Listed Infrastructure Fund - Top 10 holdings

The M&G (Lux) Global Listed Infrastructure Fund invests beyond the traditional sphere of 'economic' infrastructure (utilities, energy, transport), diversifying into the 'social' (health, education, civic) and 'evolving' (communication, transactional, royalty) categories of the asset class. 

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2019 APR


Florent Delorme, macro analyst


Brexit: it is still worthwhile to invest in the United Kingdom?

 The United Kingdom has won a reprieve from the European Union on its exit deadline to 31 October 2019. This gives it time to avoid a no-deal Brexit. But this also means that it will be putting up candidates in next May’s European elections, unless it signs an exit agreement with the EU between now and then. The first polls are now coming out, and they are highly instructive.

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Fund updates


Update M&G (Lux) Global Macro Bond Fund

Watch Jim Leaviss, fund manager of the M&G Global Macro Bond Fund, give his views on what has driven the change of tack in risk assets, what dollar strength means for other G10 currencies, the outlook for corporate bonds and emerging markets, as well as his medium term outlook for the strategy.

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M&G Investments


M&G Lux Global Floating Rate High Yield Fund - Investment review

During the volatile market conditions of the past 12 months, global high yield floating rate notes (FRNs) have again demonstrated their resilience.

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Ritu Vohora


Share buybacks: the good, the bad or the ugly?

In this month’s video, Investment Director, Ritu Vohora looks at the recent ‘buyback wave’ fuelled by corporate tax cuts. Do share buybacks only benefit company executives or do they also create long-term value for shareholders?

For a quick snapshot of the equity market over the past month and our latest theme, please download our Equities market perspective note.

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2019 MAR


Richard Halle


M&G (Lux) European Strategic Value Fund - Did value just miss the cycle?

Investment styles go in and out of fashion, but ‘value investing’, which focuses on finding bargains among the cheapest stocks in the market, has remained unpopular for most of the past decade.

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Fund updates

Maria Municchi


Introducing the M&G (Lux) Sustainable Allocation Fund

In this short video, Maria Municchi, Fund Manager, introduces the M&G (Lux) Sustainable Allocation Fund, which launched on 14 February 2019. She will discuss the objectives of the fund as well as outline the multi-asset approach to sustainable investing.

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